Redmi go review and all about…

As The series of this phone is all about low value and maximum quality. But, this smartphone upsets a little related to its features and it’s price.

Friends, let firstly talk about its features –

It have 1Gb RAM


And all are same, available in various colours, plastic body, simple glass.

It have one lead, Usb port and charger, which is basically not equivalent to the brand redme.

In addition all the things, dimensions and other are same as redme 5A.

And it’s price on site is not fixed it may be ₹4,999 or ₹5,999.

Which is slightly did upset because In the same rate previous year redme not 5A have 16 GB ROM.

Best part – it’s have 2 sim slots with plate including memory card.

My recommendation –

I thought you should buy other ranges phone not this. There are many options available in market of range ₹8,000 to 12,000.

My rating to the phone –

⭐⭐ Stars out of 5.


Hello,The Readers…and the bloggers…

As I started a blog with several mistakes didn’t know even the basics of the blogging. But , Inspired by some famous bloggers, I was not able to stop myself. “writing the blog is an art, which makes you perfect” with this believe, one day I will be perfect and will blog like a professionals. But, when  should we start blogging?,what I believe, The god give us a very small and prestigious time to us. We shouldn’t waste it. start from now…

I hope you will give your important time to me…..Only a few minutes.

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